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Guerro runs a kill team. They're good. Better than good. Or they were, until they walked into an ambush that wiped his team out and left Guerro for dead.

All the evidence suggests they were betrayed, but by who, and why?

Determined to avenge his team and settle old scores, Guerro embarks upon a one man war, knowing that whoever put the kill order out on his people is still out there, watching for him to show his face so they can end him.

A relentless science fiction thriller in the vein of Bladerunner, Altered Carbon, and Titanborn.

Available on Audible narrated by the award-winning R.C. Bray (Galaxy's Edge, The Martian)

The summer of 1986. A summer of beachcombing and skinny dipping, of amusement arcades, karate games and Penny Falls, of first loves, fumbled experiences, excitement, and possibilities. A summer where anything could happen. Those teenage days truly were the best ones of my life.
Right up until the moment I found my mother’s body washed up on the beach.

A Glimpse of What's To Come

At any given time I've normally got a few projects on the bubble. This year is no different. At some time during 2021 we're intending to release The Dragonbone Sword, the first in a new epic fantasy series. 

Steve and I work together a lot. Indeed, we've done crime stories in the Jack Stone series (which will be available exclusively from the store on this site soon), a series of supernatural mysteries featuring Sally Reardon, including Of Time & Dust, Deadlines, Missing, and Out of Season, as well as collaborating within my own Ogmios franchise. During 2021 we've got a number of surprises coming, including the first Pavane novel, The Dragonbone Sword, and two space operas.

Last year William Meikle and I released the beginning of a series, Dagger of the Martyrs, but after a lot of careful thought decided that rather than release the three separate short novels one after the other, we'd release the series as it was conceived, a single epic volume. Later in 2021 we will finally see the release of this massive historical fantasy novel set in the last days of the Knights Templar. 

Kindom of Rain is another of the bucket list items. Along with the artists Tom Brown, I've written a massive dark fantasy serial which will be running in Heavy Metal Magazine for 18 issues starting this year. Tom's art is incredible, and this is a story that is incredibly close to my heart, so I cannot wait for it to make it out into the world and start to find people.

The last surprise of 2021 as it stands is another comic script, this one being written with the wonderful R Thomas Allwin, ROACH P.I. All I will say about it is imagine a dark future where your greatest hope of justice when the world is stacked up against you is a cockroach... 


Steve is currenytly deep in the writing of a new epic nordic fantasy to accompany the 5th Edition AD&D game, Svilland, published by Dream Realm Storytellers.

Set in the Second Age, The Bear King is the story of Mavnos, a traitor to the shapeshifting monarch, who learns of his mad plan to sacrifice the High Council of the Seidr to turn back the threat of the Black Winter, and decides he cannot stand by and watch his world burn.


Who has stolen magic from the universe? And more importantly, why?

Separated again, further than they ever have before, Barl and Shryke must fight against the fell powers which have stripped them of their access to the Quantum Aether. Having lost all the faculties given to them in their training with the Assassin’s Guild, they are both faced with an impossible situation - how to survive in a world where they are vulnerable to attack, in a way they have never thought possible, when all their most basic defenses are gone. 

From the blasted battlefields of the Dreaming Plains, where huge machines hide sickening experiments, to the failing Sun-Machine, the Clockwork City and the imminent destruction of the Chainworld, Barl and Shryke are both twisted into a braid of collapsing time - the unravelling of which spells doom not just for them, but for the whole of creation. 

Also available on Audible, narrated by award -winning narrator Derek Perkins


Shryke is running for his life. But how do you escape an enemy who can follow you everywhere and everywhen?

Shryke knows you can't, yet still he runs. There are horrors buried deep in his memory that have been locked away from him by some secret magic. All he knows is that he is the Quantum Assassin, and he stands alone against the end of everything - the lone warrior in a war he can?t hope to win.  

The God-Queen?s hunger for destruction will only be sated by the end of Chainworld, a series of impossible constructs held together by science so advanced the inhabitants mistake it for magic. Shryke and those he meets along the way must complete his memory so he can stand against her; otherwise, the Chainworld will be shattered and life as they know it will cease to be.  

Also available on Audible, narrated by award -winning narrator Derek Perkins.


The brothers, Mael and Cullion, are living a good life, until the death of their father sends them on an odyssey that will take them well beyond the boundaries of their nation if they are ever to be free of the pact their father bount them to. For it is no mere scheming entity, but the death god himself, who lays claim to their lives.

This is the first novel set in the hugely popular Trudvang world, published by RiotMinds.