"Captures the wonder of youth, and the loss of that magic, in a way that reminded me of some of Ray Bradbury’s works and IT by Stephen King." —Josef Hernandez, Examiner

One summer in 1985, the funfair came to the sleepy rural town of Ashthorpe, and with it the smells of hot dogs and candy floss, the allure of magicians and the Big Wheel, and the sounds of young girls giggling. But what promised to be the highlight of the season for a band of teenage boys soon turns to tragedy. Years later, when Drew receives a mysterious phone call, he learns one of the most important lessons life has to teach: the past can never be forgotten. 

"A novella of staggering power and depth that not only will affect you emotionally, it will most likely leave you running to turn the lights on."—Peter Schwotzer, Literary Mayhem
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Co-Written with Kevin J Anderson

Jorie Taylor has lived her whole life on the generation ship Beacon. Fleeing an Earth tearing itself apart from its exhaustive demand for resources, the Beacon is finally approaching Sarbras, the planet circling Tau Ceti they hope to make humanity’s new home. But Earth has recovered from its near-death experience and is now under the control of a ruthless dictator whose sights are set on Tau Ceti as well. President Jurudu knows how to get what he wants—and he wants Sarbras.

"For those wanting that old style SF vibe, in the style of YA Heinlein (Farmer in the Sky, Podkayne of Mars) or more recently Allen Steele’s Coyote series, these will keep you greatly entertained. I wouldn’t mind reading more stories set in this universe myself."--Mark Yon,


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THE Hollow Earth

There are secrets held within the earth that should never even be whispered, secrets that only the darkest minds of our kind entertain or record. One such archaic tablet was stolen from the British museum and with it something from the deepest catacombs of the earth has been released. It has been whispered in occult circles that the tablet holds the secret to discovering the location of the Catamine Stair, the endless spiral that descends all the way into the hollow heart of the earth. Days later a demonic looking corpse is found crucified on the cupola of St Paul’s Cathedral. Something has been let lose… Challinor and Millington, adventurers from the fabled Greyfriar’s Club in old London Town, are hell bent on finding out the truth before it is too late. . .
CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE - but the novella functions as the opening chapters of the novel LONDON MACABRE

Monster Town

Co-written with Brian Logan
When down and out Monster Wrangler JD Enron accepts a missing persons assignment from the mysterious blonde with breasts you can ski down, he knows it’s something he’s going to regret. Especially as the job is going to take him back to Monster Town, the giant prison settlement in the New Mexico desert which houses all of America’s monsters. Be they Vampires, Werewolves, Gargoyles, Chupacabras, Moth Men, Zombies, Bigfoots or any of the other godless creature to have walked the Earth, Monster Town is the place where they all end up. And the one place you never want to go…

Temple: Incarnations of Immortality

First published as a 4 part serial by Apex Digest Magazine

A man awakens in a filthy bedroom with no recollection of who he is or how he got there. Seeing an old Gideon bible on a nightstand, he finds a name to call his own – Temple. This is the story of Temple’s quest for identity and purpose in a dying, decaying world.

"A story about death by a man who has clearly consorted with devils." -- TM Wright, NYT Bestselling author of A Manhattan Ghost Story

CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE: but will serve as the foundation for the forthcoming novel IMMORTAL available direct from the digital store on this site soon.

Houdini's Last Illusion

Harry Houdini is a haunted man. Haunted by success; his emotions; and now by some of his compatriots: famed and feted illusionists like himself. The only problem is that they are dead. Houdini knows that time is running out, and before he is ready to die he must perform one final trick, the greatest illusion of his life…



Icarus Descending

In 'Remember Me Yesterday' Caroline is contacted by a long lost high school love who claims the Thief of Time is stealing his memories. He wants her to share her memories of their times together so that he can recapture them.

'Icarus Descending' is a complex story about family and hate, reality and perception. Noah's mother has committed suicide after discovering she has ovarian cancer. Grief-stricken, Noah's father later jumps to his death. Then Noah's brother, Isaac, who had always been the perfect son in his parents' eyes, is involved in an accident that leaves him in a wheelchair. Noah, who is burdened with all these events over a short period of time, becomes consumed by his resentment and hatred.


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