A religious cult calling itself the Disciples of Judas has risen in the Middle East. Its influence is pernicious, its reach long. In thirteen cities across Europe thirteen people martyr themselves in the name of Judas, promising forty days and forty nights of terror. They twist the words of ancient prophecies to drive home the fear. On the last day, they promise, faith will fall. Everything you believe in will be proved wrong. Everything you hold true will fail.

Silver is the first book in the Ogmios Team series, introducing Ronan Frost, Noah Larkin, Konstantin Kharvin and Orla Nyrén, Sir Charles Wyndham's elite team of 'problem solvers' with over 75,000 copies sold worldwide and translated into a dozen languages to date.

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Co-Written with Steve Lockley


1996, London. The Troubles are in full flow. A young Irish officer, Ronan Frost, is deep undercover inside an IRA cell in London. Something big is happening. Something devastating. Something that will shake the foundations of Anglo-Irish relations and make sure the peace process stalls.

The Ogmios Team doesn't exist.

Sir Charles is not confined to a wheelchair.

This is where it all begins.

With a betrayal.

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Solomon's Seal

Co-Written with Steve Lockley

With the discovery of the long lost Seal of Solomon Konstantin Khavan and Orla Nyren find themselves in Jerusalem and Palestine fighting for their lives with enemies on all sides. They don't know who they can trust. They don't know which way to turn next. All they know is they have to find the Seal while diverting the detonation of a dirty bomb at one of Jerusalem's most holy sites. Which would be fine, but Orla's been here before, during the worst days of her life when she was a prisoner in Jenin, a refugee camp on the border. She was brutally abused by a sadist she remembers only as The Beast - a man she thought she'd killed during her escape. He isn't dead. He's the man who has the Seal. And Orla is going to have to face The Beast alone.

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Co-Written with Sean Ellis
It's the middle of the night. Ronan Frost receives a plea for help from his former commanding officer, an outspoken opponent of globalization who is fascinated in Arthurian lore. Frost’s old comrade is the target of agents of a shadowy conspiracy trying to prevent him from finding the Crocea Mors, the sword of Caesar, and perhaps the very blade that King Arthur pulled from the stone. Frost is sceptical, most of what Denison claims strikes him as bullshit, plain and simple, but there's no denying that someone is trying to kill him. So he's going to help. No matter the risk. That's just who he is. 
   Across London, Sir Charles dispatches Konstantin Khavin to learn the truth behind the attempted assassination only to discover that the British government want Denison dead at all costs. And because Frost is with him, the Old Man is forced to make a choice—abandon Frost, or lose Ogmios for good. It's not a choice he ever wanted to make, but he's going to have to cut Frost loose. 
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Lucifier's Machine

Co-written with Rick Chester
During the basking summer heat a university-based archaeology team uncovers an ancient box bearing the image of Baphomet. They are on a remote French island with strong links to the Knights Templar story. The image of Baphomet itself goes a long way to proving those links as far as the team lead by Dr Kytain are concerned, especially as the Templar were accused of devil worship during their trails. Could this box-a crude yet sophisticated machine centuries ahead of its time-be a vital link to discovering the true nature of the knights relationship to the horned devil? Before they are able to decipher the box’s secrets the entire team are butchered horrifically, and all indications are that an extremist group, Al Aler’eyh, are behind the slaughter. A second linked murder in the hallowed halls of Cambridge University tips off Control to the threat. Tasked with finding the Lucifer Machine and putting an end to this particularly fundamentalist wing of the terror organisation, Noah and Orla find themselves in the adult playground of Dubai, fighting for their lives... 
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Jude Lethe is not a field agent. He's the behind-the-scenes technical whizzkid who makes it possible for the Ogmios Special Ops to operate effectively. Sir Charles Wyndham's covert team relies on Lethe for vital mission data, access to protected systems, real-time surveillance and for covering their tracks. Without him, Ogmios would cease to function.

Now an old friend of Wyndham's, Professor Camila Morais, needs help. Her search for a lost Inca city stalls when key members of her team are kidnapped from Lima airport. A reluctant Lethe is dispatched to provide technical help, with Noah Larkin as his bodyguard.

But Professor Morais is not the only one eager to find the secret city hidden deep within the Andes. An old terrorist organization is about to reveal it is anything but extinct. The Shining Path have returned, and their plans will have a profound and deadly effect on Peru, the continent, and the world.

With Noah missing and no way to call for backup, the only ones who can stop the terrorists are the granddaughter of a Nazi war criminal and a nerdy British hacker, whose skills may provide his enemies with the greatest weapon of all.

Jude Lethe is not a field agent, but he'll have to step up fast to prevent the deaths of millions.



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One day, we'll all be myths. 

During a time that man has forgotten, a mighty ship was laid to rest beneath the rolling waves of the Aegean Sea. With her, the secrets and powers of the Gods lay, waiting to be discovered... 

The Ogmios Directive are a team of deniable operatives that stand the last line of defense for the United Kingdom. Orla Nyrén, antiquities expert and linguistic specialist, is a key part of the team. After the hell of Jenin, which saw her battered to the point of breaking, the Old Man demands she take down time to recover. She has two orders: one, to relax, the other to try not to kill anyone. 

A late night encounter begins with her saving a stranger's life and ends with a one night stand. The following morning she breaks the second order.  

Secrets as ancient as the legendary lost ship, The Argo, refuse to stay buried. Before long Orla finds herself caught up in a plot to change the fate of a nation and the quest for a legendary treasure once gifted to Jason by King Pelias as proof of his rightful kingship of Thessaly. Orla finds herself hunting ancient myths to get to a modern murderous truth.  


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