A​dam is dying of ALS, his body shaking and no longer his own. But he has a young disabled son to provide for and no health care. His solution? Rob a bank, but in a way that goes unnoticed. All he has to do is get a code onto the bank’s system, and he’ll skim a few dollars from thirty thousand accounts. Easy, right?​ ​R​ichard is the bank manager, who has been quietly robbing the bank for years, taking money from rich customers to pay off poor people’s overdrafts. He thinks he’s Robin Hood, but when A​dam draws a gun and it goes off, he can’t call the police.​ ​M​ilo is a schoolteacher, who’s in deep trouble. He’s been pretending to be a high roller in a local casino, and now has a debt to pay. He’s being escorted to the bank by A​rcher, a heavy in the employ of S​aul Bonavechio, the casino owner, to make sure he pays up. M​ilo​ was just trying to impress the croupier, A​lice, but she’s got bigger problems, like avoiding having to go on the game to pay her mother’s bills.​ ​When A​dam gets to the front of the queue, he meets S​asha, who has given up on men and is about to have the worst day of her life when A​dam pulls a gun. A​rcher tries to intervene and is shot, when Adam can’t control his tremors. But R​ichard won’t call the police. A​dam can’t let anyone leave. And M​ilo is just hoping A​rcher dies…

Everyone has their own story, their own agenda, and they all want out. But what happens if they leave? Will they give A​dam up? Or will they work together?


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"This is one of those novels screaming out to be transferred to screen, the writing is excellent, the characters are dynamic, the plot strong and it just leaves you asking yourself what you would do if you found yourself in the same situation (and I don't just mean in the situation of the protagonist either...) I really can not recommend this book highly enough - but be warned, read it on a day you can just sit and read because you will not want to put it down." The Very Pink Notebook

"A brilliant, brilliant read." Grab This Book

"Steven Savile has weaved an intricate thriller that makes you wonder what you’d do in these extreme circumstances. The main action takes place over 12 hours, making this a tense and exciting read. And to top it off, there’s a killer cliff-hanger too." CultureFly

"an intriguing puzzle of thrills, emotional instability and escape planning." Always Trust in Books

" An ingenious set-up, along with a diverse cast of believable characters create a tense and memorable thriller." Morning Star



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